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Our Call Centre will always have your back. Available from Monday to Saturday, it's ready to overcome any contigency. We'll send a back-up cleaner if your cleaner can't make it so your office looks like a charm, always!

Forget payroll

We hire our cleaners formally, paying their social security, occupational risk insurance, etc... Check her legal subscription status and insurance payments through your cleaner's profile.

Book your favourite cleaner

Check your favourites professional cleaner's timetable in your account and book her. Ask for monthly plans and we will lock her exclusively for you on the chosen day.

The days that work for you

Book your favourite cleaner any day you like. Run your business and let us do the cleaning.

Service: Guaranteed

We are allied with leading companies in Colombia to offer the service you deserve.

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Booking is as easy as a couple of clicks. Pay your cleaning service as any other monthly bill using PayU or wire transfer.

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Cleanings do not expire and can be rescheduled. If you don't need the cleaning further more, we will give you a refund. All prices include VAT, social security, transportation, lunch and cleaners personal supplies.

Urgent cleaning? Book one 8-hour-cleaning for $84,500.00 or a 4-hour-service $62,900.00

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Choose how many hours and which days you need with a Professional Cleaner

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​Pay online through PSE, credit card, or cash through Baloto or Efecty. Book your favourite Profesional Cleaner, check her social security status and more.

Your office supplying

Business supplies cleaning

Cleaning products made for offices traffic

Business supplies cups

Coffee, cups and related

Business supplies paper


Ask us on the chat how to add these products to your purchase order
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