Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our cleaning service for offices and homes

  • What is Hogaru?

    Hogaru leads on demand cleaning in Colombia. We carefuly pick our proffessional cleaners, hire them formally and take responsiblity with their social security. We train and look after them for every contigency that may arise. In other words, we take care of absolutely everything!

  • How does it work?

    Quite easy! Book through our webpage or App the days you need, pay online and it's over. If you like one cleaner, and want her to go everytime, ask our customer service to do so and her schedule will be locked just for you.

  • Where can I find Hogaru?

    We are currently in Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

  • Do I have to sign any contract?

    Once you book one or several cleanings, you are accepting our terms and conditions. We encourage you to read them carefuly.

  • Am I protected against labor lawsuits?

    Yes. 100% protected. We are their employers, hence, the legal labor relationship is between the cleaner and Hogaru. We pay for absolultely everything that she requires.

  • Why is it Hogaru the safest option for cleaning?

    We are commited to giving the highest-standard service in term of quality and safety. We have designed a thorough selection process to discard everyone that does not achieve the minimum requirements we have.
    We interview every single cleaner, we fingerprint them, we review their personal references and their legal records and they have to pass through psichological tests. We are absolutely trustful about our process and we accept only 5% of applicants.

  • Are Hogaru cleaners like other housekeepers people recommend?

    No, Hogaru's proffessional cleaners, besides of being strictly chosen, are trained professionaly in cleaning. Our training team teaches them how to plan the day, how to clean properly every object, ironing shirts and how to be more efficient in time management. Furthermore, our customer service team is monitoring their punctuallity and shift-completition remotely.

  • Will I have a different cleaning proffessional every time?

    We book in advance her calendar when you make monthly payments. You can book upon her availability in your online account .

  • What differs from other companies?

    We encourage you to try to our service. Here are some of our highlights:

    • Formal hiring that includes social security payment and occupational risk insurance
    • Booking and paying your cleanings is easy, you do it on a monthly basis. You can include in your purchase cleaning products or office supplies and they will be delivered to your address at no additional cost.
    • Constant remote monitoring from our service team to attend any contigency. (if your proffessional cleaners is sick, for instance)
    • Strong and strict selection from our team of recruiters who use our in-house technology and leader companies in security like "Securitas" to verify that every candidate matches our criteria
    • Guaranty and insurance in case of damage
    • Proffessional looks. Our cleaners proudly wear their uniforms and personal utilities
  • Do I have to register in Hogaru?

    Once you make your first purchase, you will receive a welcome email with your credentials, in your online account you will be able to confirm automatic bookings, look at your invoices, find discounts and more!

  • How do I retrieve my password?

    Your user is the e-mail provided when registered to Hogaru and the initial password is sent along, this one expires in 48 hours once created. If you have forgotten it, you can create a new one here

  • How long does a cleaning take?

    Differing from informal cleaners, Hogaru proffessional cleaners optimize their time. You can choose between 8h and 4h, relying on your area and tasks required. Our proffesional cleaners will follow your instructions and will indicate which can be done and which can't on the current cleaning

  • At what time do they arrive?

    For 8h and 4h taken during the morning she will arrive at 8am. If you had booked 4h in the afternoon, she will arrive at 1.30pm, if you need a different entry time, please request it to customer service and we will do our best to adjust it

  • What is included in the time acquired?

    Both 4 and 8h bought are labor-time entirely. The time used for lunch by the cleaner is overtaken at the end of the shift until the time bough is complete. During this time the cleaner can: Sweep, mop, remove dust, Deinfect, etc. Ironing and washing if required

  • Can Hogaru cleaners refuse to execute a task?

    No, if the request follows our terms and conditions. They can clean and serve coffee, they cannot: make deliveries of any kind, payments, walk pets, look after children or adults, cook and tasks at risky heights. Please check our terms and conditions to have further explanation. If you experience any issue please get in contact immediatly with custome service

  • I like this cleaner! How can I book her every time?

    That is great! We encourage customers to book ther favourite cleaner everytime. Please ask customer service to lock her calendar to you for with automatic bookings on a monthly basis. In case of a contigency, another trained cleaner will attend

  • What cleaning products should I have for the cleaner?

    Cleaning products are not included in our fee. They can be acquired through customer service contact, they are: 2 absorbing clothes, 2 absorbing sheets, 1 sponge, grease remover, dish soap, broom or hoover, mopper and deinfectant. Our cleaners will suggest which other products you can use

  • Can I purchase the products through Hogaru?

    Yes. We offer very competitive prices and high standard quality for offices. Ask for our brochure, ask for the products you need to customer service and we will create an online invoice along with the payment

  • Is it necessary to stay at home during the cleaning?

    No. Our cleaners are remotely monitored then we know in real time where they are. Nonetheless we suggest to be at the first cleaning to indicate the cleaner your preferences. If you need to leave the keys please leave them at the builind gate since she is not allowed to keep them

  • Do I have to provide food to her?

    NO. She is given the instruction to bring her lunch. In any case is the client responsiblity to provide food to her. We do kindly ask you to allow her to use the microwave to warm her food up

  • Can I reschedule or cancel a cleaning service?

    Yes. Our policy is to request it at least 24 hours prior to the hour of start, for free. If you notify us outside this time, we will charge the 100% of the cleaning. If you want to cancel a paid booking, ask customer service and we will procede to make the refund